LPOTY 2022

Fine art print of a Glastonbury Tor solstice sunrise with stormy skies

I am very pleased to announce that my image of Glastonbury Tor, Storm and Fire, has been highly commended in the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. This was my first time entering the competition, and I am really pleased to be recognised by the judges. Some of the people who most inspire me have placed in this competition in the past or are otherwise involved in the judging or—indeed—founded LPOTY.

Tuesday last week, I attended the awards evening, and it was good to share the room with so many like-minded people. I was also pleased that so many Instagram friends did well in the competition: Sam Binding, Jon Rees, Jen Rogers, Becky Leyton, Cal Cole. Itay Kaplan all had images in the book, and I was pleased to meet others who I have followed from a distance.

It’s hard to pick a favourite image from the competition, and you could make an argument for any of the entries being the overall winner, but here are some that stood out to me:

And, of course, the overall winning image by Will Davies is just superb:

You can check out all the award-winning images here. Be sure to click into the different categories as some of my favourites were commended and highly commended.