Print Sizing Guide

A straightfoward guide to how I size photographic prints

For easy understanding, I have linked my print sizes to standard printer paper sizes. The measurements listed in the dropdown menu on each product page is the shortest side of the image. For landscape oriented images this is the height of the picture. For portrait shots, this is the width. 

  • A4 shortest side = 200mm
  • A3 shortest side = 280mm
  • A2 shortest side = 410mm
  • A1 shortest side = 590mm
Most of my images are either 4:5 ratio or square and the longest side of the image varies depending on the aspect ratio. Of course, for a square image the short side is the same as the long, but the following dimensions are for the most common aspect ratios.


  • A4 = 200x250mm
  • A3 = 280x350mm
  • A2 = 410x512mm
  • A1 = 590x737mm