Cheddar Storm


An evening that could have gone either way.

As the heavy clouds passed overhead travelling towards the setting sun, I wiped the raindrops from my lens and fired off a shot. The glow of the orange sunlight split through the downpour left me speechless.

This is a classic Somerset shot. Every landscape photography who comes to Cheddar has to grab it, but I have found it worth revisiting in all seasons and weather conditions!

This image is printed to a high specification. Anything smaller than A3 (in this case 12×10″ and smaller) is rendered on Fotospeed Smooth Cotton for anything bigger than A3, I use Hahnemühle FineArt German Etching Paper.


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4×6" (102x152mm), 6×9" (152x229mm), 8×12" (203x305mm), 10×15" (254x381mm), 12×18" (305x457mm), 14×21" (356x533mm), 16×24" (406x610mm), 18×27" (457x686mm), 20×30" (508x762mm)