The Problems Faced by an Organic Tea Farm

My friend Russ and I started a tea company – hurrah!

Living Leaf Tea addresses a problem I’ve had.

Since moving back to Europe from Asia, it is difficult to get hold of good-quality Chinese tea. Working in the speciality tea industry after graduating from university made me realise even more how much of a problem this is: tea is either overpriced, tastes awful or is grown with noxious chemicals. We source Living Leaf’s tea directly from one farmer – a Taiwanese tea expert who tends a single organic plantation, deep in the Yunnan mountains, surrounded old-growth forest and miles away from the nearest non-organic farm.

The tea tastes and feels awesome. For the first time in years, I feel fully behind a tea project.

We have had a little traction on the site, but organic traffic is minimal. In the hopes of raising our Google presence, I’ve been writing blogs – guest posts for other websites.

There will be a whole series of these, but here is the first: it deals with the difficulties faced by an organic tea farm and is published on Global Nomadic.

Stay tuned for more of these. There is one on Tai Chi and tea in the pipeline.