Comet NEOWise Over Glastonbury Tor at Dusk


I thought there would be a lot of hanging around waiting for alignments, but I was shooting and driving from dusk until 3am. Awesome to see this infrequent visitor with the naked eye.

When this comet was last seen by our ancestors, writing had yet to be invented, horses still roamed wild and there was no Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain. The Somerset Levels, where I shot these images, would have been inaccessible bog as the sweet track was still a few centuries from construction.

This image is printed to a high specification. Anything smaller than A3 (in this case 12×10″ and smaller) is rendered on Canon Semi Gloss Photo Paper for anything bigger than A3, I use Hahnemühle FineArt German Etching Paper.


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